The High Tech Advantage

At High Tech Inspections we use the latest technology to take our inspections to the next level. In the 21st century we feel that inspections should not be limited to the visual realm. Some of the high tech equipment that we use throughout your inspection includes:


-An infrared camera that helps us move your inspection beyond the visual standard.

-State of the art moisture meters that penetrate through the service to detect hidden moisture around windows, doors, toilets, and other areas of concern.

-Latest technology in report writing with imbedded video report capabilities and photographic proof of deficiencies.

-Gas detectors to help detect dangerous gases.

-Sewege video inspection system that provides the latest technological inspection of the drain


Infrared Image of an Overheated Wire in the Panel Box


Infrared Image of a Roof Leak


Moisture Meter Used Around All Doors and Windows



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