CSST Piping


CSST Piping ( Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing ) is used for gas lines in homes and commercial structures.  This line is flexibly, light weight, easy to store, transport, and takes less time and skill to install. This makes this product much less expensive to use, it can be identified by the yellow plastic coating surrounding it.

The CSST gas lines are thin-walled Stainless steel and is prone to damage from lighting strikes.  If lightening were to directly strike the home or even indirectly (several miles away in some cases),failure of the CSST pipe my occur.

Starting in 2009,CSST should be bonded to reduce the risk of damage from lighting strikes or other faulty electrical issues as stated by the National Fuel Gas Code.  It needs to have a separate ground wire connected directly to rigid gas piping, or a manifold, before the CSST pipe, but after the gas meter. This ground wire should be connected to the homes electrical ground and not a ground used by the gas company. For details on properly bonding CSST gas pipe we suggest contacting a licensed electrician. The following links provide details for acceptable grounding techniques.



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