• Home Inspection

High Tech Home Inspections provides easy-to-read reports, including photos and a detailed summary. When buying a home, the property’s overall condition is a key part of your decision-making process. Our home inspections provide the knowledge you need, in a clear, easy to read format, to make an informed purchase.

  • Septic Inspection

Protect your investment before you purchase or sell a residential property. The cost of a new drain field could be the single most expensive repair a homeowner incurs. Often, the system seems to be working fine even when one or more of the drain lines have failed. If a regulatory agency discover waste has broken the ground, it will fail your sewer system.

When you are negotiating the cost of your new home, it is helpful to know if problems exist long before this stage. A visual examination and testing of the various components are the only way to verify if a system is functioning properly.

In addition to conducting a very thorough inspection, High Tech Home Inspections will provide you with pertinent public records, teach you how the system is designed to work, and offer maintenance tips to prolong its life. With our report, homeowners like you will have the knowledge needed to make a more informed purchase, perhaps saving thousands in costly repairs.

  • Radon Inspection


  • Mold Inspection


  • Water Sampling

As a convenience to our clients, High Tech inspectors are certified to collect water samples for analysis in both MD and DE. Your samples are taken to a local lab for accurate and timely testing. For detailed information on water analysis, how your well works, and properly maintaining it visit the UMES Water Quality & Environmental Programs page.

  • General Structural Letters

High Tech Home Inspections provides a complete structural inspection of all buildings. All inspections include a letter to your bank.

  • One or Two Year Warranty Inspection

Get Peace of mind and potential savings, too. Builders are generally required to provide a one-year home warranty, and in some cases a two-year structural warranty. Before your warranty runs out, our warranty inspection will allow you to provide your builder with a detailed, professionally prepared inspection report.

  • Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Protect your investment. A pre-sale home inspection could be the difference between going to settlement or losing a buyer.  Let High Tech Home Inspections conduct your pre-sale inspection to the same high standard as a buyer’s home inspection. A home inspection conducted before entering into a contract allows the seller to correct problems, eliminating any last minute surprise that could delay settlement or kill the sale.

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