What’s going on in your drain lines?

Being a high tech company, we utilize several tools to enhance our senses. We have infrared cameras for inside the home, but what about what lies in your back yard.

The SeaSnake septic inspection camera by Ridgid has helped us locate and evaluate various components of septic systems. It is a simple to use, and easy to read, system that gives our clients more information than some standard inspection methods. Below are several pictures of common, and not so common, issues we run into using our inspection camera.

2012-03-08 03.24.14

Rocks and dirt have breached through the side of the drain line. Preventing proper drainage.

2012-03-20 01.37.58

Here we see another pipe crossing into, and through, our drain line.

2012-03-22 06.39.34

Roots are a common issue in drain lines


With the camera we can locate the distribution box of septic systems.


Root masses can block drainage.

This camera has saved us a significant amount of time during the septic inspection. Not only that, but our clients benefit substantially from knowing all this “hidden” information.

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